Impact Life Quest

An online membership and community to learn Emotional Intelligence skills and receive continuous support through life changes.

Impact Life Quest is a monthly membership site and community for people ready to elevate their life who seek support and guidance to implement the changes.


People think changes are hard because they seem to not stick to them. The truth is change is hard when we go at it alone and the environment doesn’t support it. Then the brain, which functions with the principle of least effort, reverts back to the old habits.

Find your Purpose

Use your gifts and talents to create a fun and exciting career that you're passionate about. Stop struggling. Start working from flow and create success with authenticity.

Master your Mind & Emotions

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts and emotions. Learn how to come back to wholeness and feel inner freedom. Make your life work.

Deepen your Relationships

Know yourself and others, improve your communication skills and create peace and harmony in all your relationships. You will no longer feel lonely.

How does it work?



    We will all start on Oct 4

    Invest 1 hour per week

    Invest 1 hour per week

      Bite-size content and exercises.

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        Move toward your goals

        What do you get with the membership?


        As soon as you join the


        • Caroline is an amazingly powerful, incredibly persistent human being who consistently outgrows herself to be the best she can be. She has inspired and empowered many around her -- including me :) -- as she walked her talk and as she led by example! She is such a leader, go-getter and make-it-happen personality that I know NOTHING would stop her from whatever she wants to achieve in her wonderful journey of growth and contribution...

          Shiny Burcu Unsal – Leadership instructor UCLA Extension
        • I have worked with Caroline Thay on several occasions. Caroline gave me a great deal of insight about my life and specific issues I needed to work on to have clarity and focus in order to achieve my goals. In fact, I was so impressed that I referred her to some of my family members and friends.

          Romi Stepovich – Writer, Consultant
        • I was immediately drawn to Caroline’s approach because of 3 things: her own experience, her undisputed knowledge of the subject and her obvious commitment to help others.

          Caroline gave me real tools that I used meticulously: concentration, how to engage my audience to follow my proposals and succeed in making them participate musically. Her method, designed to the millimeter according to our personality, aims at getting the best out of ourselves.

          Touve R. Ratovondrahety – Principal Pianist with the ballet corps of the Paris Opera
        • I met Caroline Thay about 2 years ago. I immediately had a good contact with her as a person and appreciated her professionalism. Caroline likes to help others and she masters her subject.

          At the end of each session, I feel more serene and have more confidence in life. Working with Caroline has enabled me to have a greater understanding of myself and others. I now have a different outlook on life. I look at the behaviors, emotions and attitudes of people around me with more detachment.

          During the sessions, Caroline shares her knowledge and tools. She doesn't hesitate to give you keys that you can implement right away.

          Melanie Lemonnier – Jurist

        Join the movement.

        Enrollment will only be open until
        Sept 30th at 11:59pm PST.

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        Receive all these for a one-time investment of £349
        The lowest price as a founding member + Free Bonuses
        • Lifetime membership
        • Live monthly Goals & Planning workshop
        • Live Q&A call 2x per month
        • Monthly accountability partner(s)
        • Monthly challenges and prizes
        • Private online community
        • BONUS One coaching session with Caroline (Value £250)
        • BONUS Two tickets to a live event in 2019 (Value £200)

        Your Lead Trainer

        Caroline Thay is a Life Coach specialized in emotional intelligence development and Licensed NLP trainer.

        For the past 5 years, she has helped over 1,000 people learn to be themselves and create success with authenticity through conferences, workshops, NLP training and coaching.

        Caroline dealt with and recovered from many challenging life circumstances, including abuse, depression and anxiety. After experiencing inner freedom for the first time in her life, she knew she’d found her purpose: helping people find inner freedom. She left the world of corporate finance to devote her life to teach emotional intelligence so people can learn to be themselves and create success with authenticity.

        Be the change you want to see in the world is the motto she lives by.


        Q: How much does it cost to become a member? 

        At this time, we are looking for very motivated individuals that will become founding members. They will receive the lowest price possible for a lifetime membership. The investment is only £349. You receive lifetime access to the membership site, the online community plus all the bonuses.

        Q: What if I cannot attend the live sessions?

        You have access to the replays that you can watch anytime.

        Q: How much time do I need to go through the content?

        We understand you have a busy life. We strive to provide bite-size content and workbook exercises that take no more than one hour a week to go through.

        Q: Do I need a Facebook account?

        Yes because the community is hosted within a private Facebook group and all the contact will be delivered inside the group.

        Q: What is your guarantee?

        After you join, you have 14 days to experience the Impact Life Quest and online community. Should you decide this is not for you, simply contact us and we will refund your investment.


        Door closes on Sept 30th at 11:59pm PST.

        Don’t miss out on this opportunity to impact your life.